“ It’s a very tranquil place nested in the middle of the valley and right next to a river if u want to go for a swim, Great for camping even better for detoxing.”


About the Trip

Your Delhi - Maidavan journey will definitely go into your best memories' journal. While the journey by road is splattered with picture perfect views, we quite love the completely contrasting experience on train. It feels extremely refreshing - the journey, once you leave behind the last structures of the concrete jungle. Make sure to take short breaks in the middle, stop for a while and take in the cool air.

As you make it closer to Maidavan, you'll completely forget what you left behind. You'll be overwhelmed with a feeling of oneness with the wind. It could sound childish, but we all felt something similar when we arrived at our destination. It was a sense of being as light as the leaves flying in the air. We had arrived at bliss!


This ravishing cottage which is just next to a gurgling riverbed belongs to Mr. Devendra Bharti. He’s not only extremely venturesome but a trained naturopath too. Mr. Bharti has a special liking for gardening and loves to attend the herbs growing in his kitchen garden. He'd love to show you around his garden and enlighten you on things that you might not have know.

Bharti ji is a big enthusiast about going on escapade trips and has been a part of many trekking expeditions. Guests who arrive at his doorstep enjoy his complete attention and care. If someday you too find a way to his door, ask him about his special lemongrass tea. You might not have had anything like it ever.

About this vacation

The entire property can easily accommodate a total number of 24 adults. A Master Cottage with 2 bedrooms is available for 8 people (4 each) and a separate cottage for 4 persons. The remaining 12 guests can enjoy their time closer to the wild, in camps. You'll be provided with every necessity from delectable food to toiletries for hygiene maintenance.

It might spook you to know that there are many abandoned villages nearby (calling all night crawlers)! But Khadrasi is not only inhabited but it boasts of great scenic beauty with camera friendly step farming visuals all around you.

Enjoy fresh dew drops on the lush green grass and each early morning trek around the village is nothing short of a heavenly ascent-descent. Here, Jhula Pull is a must visit. You can also enjoy the diversity of Maidavan's charm on a safari available in special packages for house guests.


Maidavan is well connected by road and railways with daily buses and trains plying between Delhi and Kotdwar. From Kotdwar, you'll can hop on to a local bu or a taxi to get to your destination in Maidavan.


The stay at Maidavan will cost INR ₹ 2250/- per person, per day. This includes accommodation, meals, and guided tours too.