“I hadn’t heard anything about this place until one of my friends recommended the trip and now I’m very glad that I listened to him.
Nainidanda was the most serene vacation that I had taken in years.”


About The Trip

The place to be at Nainidanda is on a hill top in the midst of Pine and Oak trees. It has got Hammocks everywhere hung between the trees. It also has a tree house which can accommodate 3 adults comfortably and 2 customised alpine tents. Each tent is big enough to accommodate 4 adults. The best things about these tents are 2 sizeableopenings on the ceiling which can be opened to give you a night under the stars.

There’s also a lounge, big enough to accommodate a gathering of 20 adults and can be used as makeshift bedroom for 10-11 adults. This takes the total capacity of the residence to comfortably host a big group of 20-21 adults.


When in Nainidanda, your well-being is in the caring hands of the very capable Mr. Mahipal Singh Bisht. MahipalJi is a retired school teacher and owner of the house.

The experiences accumulated over his illustrious teaching career have taught him well about the virtues of caring for his wards.

MahipalJi will always have a childlike smile on his face. He has firm belief in his ancestral tradition which says – “a guest must not be served any less than a God”.

Inspiring days & magical nights

Nainidanda is a place for every adventurer there is. Nestled high up on the hills, the place is a delightful gift of nature. It is surrounded by a fresh and breezy ambience that one simply cannot help but fall in love with.

Your day would start with the soothing sound of wind flowing through leaves and the chirping of some very

rare birds. You’ll feel good about being so close to the sky; it definitely looks different from what you see from the bustle of the city.

As evening falls, along comes the chill too. As you settle down with your partners around a bonfire and share your hearts out, you can expect the most surprising stories to befall your ears. Stories of the night time will keep coming out for as long as you stay up. But we promise that you’ll have the best sleep in a long time.

What else?

Apart from getting drowned in the high of being in the middle of nature’s silence, there are in fact quite a few other things you can choose to do. You can go bird watching along the raw treks hanging by the side of the hills. The whole place is photogenic. So don’t forget to pack your DSLR. If you wake up early enough and go for a stroll along the road, you might come across a deer that has stranded far from his home at Jim Corbett National Park.

Just 7 km from the house there is a waterfall which is in the middle of a jungle and to dive in the cool turquoise green water of the pond is very hard to resist. Then again, 2km from the house and 15 minutes of trek from the road you reach up to the top of Nainidanda where you can just relax and enjoy the view ahead.

About The Trip

One can go alone or in a group of 8-10 people for about 2-3 days without having to care about basic needs and provisions. Everything is taken care of - from food to toiletries.

Visitors can enjoy peaceful self-time, do a bonfire, relish in romantic candle-light dinners, go for a short-trek or simply relax through their own means of leisure and recreation in that beautiful land of nature and beauty.


  • By train or bus –2 trains ply between Delhi and Ramnagar every day.There is also a daily Volvo bus service between Delhi and Ramnagar. From Ramnagar, you can either taxi or get on a local bus till Nainidanda.

  • If you wish to drive, the highway from Delhi to Ramnagar is well maintained and the well-built roads and safe mountain terrains ensure that your journey is hassle free.


The stay at Nainidanda will cost ₹ 2250/- per person, per night. This includes accommodation, meals, and guided tours too.

*Minimum 5 Pax